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Are you frustrated by large marketing and communication agency thinking, long-distance relationships, and agency costs? Missing out on better ROI? We’ll walk through the steps of what’s going on in your market and the opinions of your target group. I’m helping you to identify ROI opportunities. You’re going to want to have these discussions with me.

I’ve spent more than 10 years perfecting creative-leading and tech teams to help you make your content and communications infrastructure better, with ease.

I specialize in digital and social media consultancy focused on marketing communications strategies that impact your customers’ behavior: their attitudes, their beliefs, and their opinions. Working together, we can ensure that such behavioral change affects their purchasing decisions and impacts the buying cycle.

Whether it is through thought-leading digital campaigns, pioneering new stores, innovative new manufacturing processes, or a breakthrough product release – I’m shaping the future.


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The course delivers the framework and tools needed to meet the challenges of the workforce market today – and tomorrow. Transform your career with a program grounded in the realities of modern business and the connected society.

Source: layertennis.com

Source: layertennis.com

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