Lebedev Art Wallpapers

The design has no laws. He never had them. He will never have them.

There are recommendations, tips, lists of cases of different experiences. There are “10 major mistakes” and “7 golden rules”. But there is no law.

It makes no sense to talk about the restrictions applicable to this or that case, but here are those rules that are not laws:

  • Serif fonts are easier to read than non-serif fonts;
  • The color scheme should consist of one or two colors;
  • There are incompatible color combinations;
  • White text on a black background is difficult to read;
  • Photoshop standard filters must not be used;
  • There must not be more than seven significant objects on the page (box, poster), because a person cannot keep more than seven objects in his head at the same time;
  • The logo should be placed on the right at the bottom of the page (on the left at the top, etc.);
  • The logo should be simple and concise in shape;
  • The design should be simple, the text should be short;
  • Words written on posters, packaging, advertisements should be short enough for a person to read them in one (two, three) seconds;
  • Handled and globe images, as well as national flag colors, may not be used;
  • Illustrations for printing should have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch;
  • Images found on the Internet may not be printed;
  • Frames on a website are something to avoid;
  • Horizontal page scrolling is not recommended;
  • Women, children, cats, etc. are images that convey positive messages.

Via Art Lebedev

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